Ki az a kretén, aki poggyászba gyömöszölve utaztatja a macskáját a repülőn?

Mert pont ez történt Pennsylvaniában, ahol is az Erie reptér dolgozói egy féléves nőstény macsekot találtak egy utas bőröndjében.

A Slim névre hallgató cicus a poggyászban, a ruhák között volt, így próbálta utaztatni gazdija. Ez viszont rendkívül kellemetlen a macskának – te sem örülnél, ha egy zárt poggyászban, egyre fogyó levegővel kellene kibírnod X órát -, emellett még veszélyes is az egészségére.

An Erie International Airport (ERI) TSA Officer let the cat out of the bag this week. Literally. And the cat’s name is Slim. Slim’s owners packed her in their checked bag. While this could have been extremely dangerous for the 6-month old cat, Slim is just fine and is currently residing under the care of the Humane Society of Northwestern Pennsylvania. … No worries though if you’d like to travel with your pets. Here’s how! … Checkpoint Screening: … Check with your airline first to inquire about any fees and policies. … Your pet will need to be screened via checkpoint screening if it’s traveling with you in the cabin of the plane. … We do not X-ray pets. However, there have been many occasions where passengers have assumed their pet needed to go through the X-ray. You can imagine the surprise of the X-ray operator when they see Fluffy’s skeleton roll across their monitor. It is not an unusual occurrence. Your pet will need to come out of its carrier, so it is a good idea to know how your pet will react. Many a cat has gone into a feline frenzy after being removed from its carrier. An angry cat is never a good thing. … Even if your travel is “off the leash,” you should strongly consider keeping your pet on a leash. The checkpoint is a noisy environment that can cause your pet to flee at its first opportunity. This happens with humans occasionally as well. Your pet can be carried through the walk through metal detector or walked through on leash. If your pet triggers an alarm, one of our officers will have to take a closer look. Pets are not screened with the body scanners. … Checked Baggage: … If your pet is traveling in a kennel, your airline will arrange for a TSA Officer to screen the kennel. Officers will need to inspect your kennel/carrier for prohibited items with you present. Sometimes this can be done visually, but it’s good to have a leash handy in case the officer asks you to remove your pet from the carrier.

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Minderről a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) mutatott fotót az Instagramon, ahol hosszasan taglalták azt, is, hogy miért is volt hülye ötlet ez, illetve mi is az állatszállítás helyes metódusa – írta a CBS-re hivatkozva a

A macsek egyébként jól van, jelenleg egy állatmenhelyen lábadozik, ugyanis elvették a nem éppen gondos gazditól.

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